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Septoplasty Surgery And The Benefits Explained

Septoplasty is nose surgery to correct the alignment of the septum. The septum forms the internal 'wall' of the nose, separating the nostrils. You may have heard the term 'deviated septum', which means that the septum aligns to the left or right of centre so that the nasal cavities aren't equal in size. In severe cases, a deviated septum makes breathing through the nose difficult, causing problems with snoring and disrupted sleep.

Septoplasty and rhinoplasty are often performed in the same procedure.  While the rhinoplasty surgery can either be performed internally (through the nostrils such that there is no visible external scar) or may require a small incision under the tip of the nose, septoplasty surgery however can be performed internally.


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What Can Septoplasty Or Rhinoplasty Improve?

The features of the nose which can be addressed surgically include:

  • Excessive size in proportion to other facial features
  • Prominent nasal hump when viewed from the side
  • Excessive nasal width and flaring of the nostrils when viewed from the front
  • Nasal tip being droopy, wide or twisted
  • Airway obstruction and difficulty breathing through the nose

Septoplasty and rhinoplasty are common cosmetic procedures performed in Australia, with high success rates and low rate of complications. Recovery time is short compared to other surgical procedures, but keep in mind it can take up to a year before the final results of your surgery are revealed. If you think this surgery might be an option for you, the best person to speak to is an experienced cosmetic or plastic surgeon.


Choosing A Surgeon

You should choose a Surgeon with whom you feel comfortable and who has significant experience in performing septoplasty. In Australia, any medical doctor can perform cosmetic surgical procedures without specialist training. Plastic and Reconstructive surgery is a recognised specialty and requires several years of specialist training in a dedicated training program after having completed a basic medical degree.

You should look for doctors who are plastic surgical Fellows of one of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons, including the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and Royal College of Surgeons of England. Such Fellows have completed post graduate training in plastic surgery and work under strict professional and ethical guidelines. However, training in plastic surgery does not necessarily mean training in cosmetic surgery, so always specifically ask your surgeon if they have undertaken dedicated training in cosmetic surgery. In Australia, the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery is the only College that offers formal training and accreditation in cosmetic medicine and surgery. If the Surgeon you visit doesn’t have their qualifications on display, ask to see them.

Choosing a Surgeon with these professional qualifications makes it more likely that you will get a result you are happy with and will potentially reduce the risk of complications.


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