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Who we are

Mr Patrick Tansley MD FRCS (Plast) and Dr Sugitha Seneviratne FRACS (Plast) provide patients seeking to address difficult cosmetic plastic surgery problems and revisions for already ‘botched’ surgery, an experience similar to that of the popular television series.

Routinely undertaking combined consulting and operating sessions, many grateful patients have commented that by combining their skills, the surgeons in effect represent the British and Australian equivalents of the show.

Having practised together for over a decade, they have established a tried and tested process to create aesthetic outcomes and correct deformities. Critical to their work is the support of their dedicated staff in caring for patients both physically and emotionally.

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What to expect

With a special interest in difficult cosmetic plastic surgery cases, the specialist surgeons undertake meticulous consultations, examination and surgical planning. It is frequent to hear patients comment about not having previously experienced such thorough and informative consultation.

The seamless process typically starts with a combined consultation with both surgeons and aims for an aesthetic outcome for which patients are usually very grateful. Patient expectations are managed with openness, transparency and in a realistic manner.

Preparation for surgery is supported by their team of experienced clinical staff and dedicated administrative Surgery Co-ordinators. A hugely experienced Clinical Social Worker provides pre-operative psychological assessment and post-operative support. Experienced cosmetic plastic surgery nurses undertake vital preoperative preparation to minimise clinical risks, assist during surgery and care postoperatively to facilitate uneventful recovery. Experienced Dermal Therapists of NorthEast MediClinics also attend to preoperative assessment and post operative scar minimisation management.

Patrick and Sugitha about botched cosmetic procedures

Surgery for complex cosmetic plastic surgery problems and revisional surgery is undertaken with both specialist surgeons so that each patient can benefit from the combined expertise of their respective British and Australian training, qualifications and experience. The aim is to achieve the best possible aesthetic outcome.

Over the past decade, Mr Patrick Tansley and Dr Seneviratne have corrected numerous poorly performed or botched plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures, both from Australia and overseas. They have endeavoured to produce aesthetic outcomes for patients presenting with complex, often serially revised cosmetic plastic surgery operations that have resulted in unacceptable outcomes.


Revisional surgery of this type can be expensive given the factors detailed above. In some instances, Medicare rebates and private health insurance cover may be applicable. Transparent quotations for consultations and treatment costs will be provided. On a case by case basis, the surgeons dedicate resources to undertake selected surgeries on a ‘pro bono’ basis to assist the most vulnerable.

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About our surgeons

Mr Patrick TansleyBook A Consultation

Mr Patrick Tansley MScAesPlasSurg MD FRCS (Plast)

Mr Tansley is a University of Cambridge educated British specialist plastic and reconstructive surgeon. In the UK he holds specialist Fellowship in plastic surgery and is a former Hunterian Professor of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. In Australia, he undertakes complex primary and revisional cosmetic plastic surgery under specialist registration with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (MED 0001651716). He is one of the very few international plastic surgeons to hold a Masters Degree in Aesthetic Surgery (Distinction) from the University of London. He also holds the academic position of Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer, Department of Surgery, Royal Melbourne Hospital University of Melbourne.

Mr Tansley has performed thousands of plastic surgery operations and is an experienced reconstructive microsurgeon. Along with primary cosmetic surgery procedures, he performs corrective surgery operations on all regions of the body. These include facelift, necklift, rhinoplasty (nose job), eyelid, breast, abdominal and liposuction surgery.

Since 2015 he has held the positions of Counsellor, Censor in Chief, Vice President and most recently President of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine from 2019 – 2022. In these roles he has advocated for surgical patient safety and has contributed to current reform within the cosmetic industry. This has included meeting with Australian Government Ministers, making submissions and appearing before a Senate Inquiry and Regulatory authorities. He sits on an expert working group of the Department of Health Therapeutic Goods Administration in relation to BIA-ALCL, is one of the Clinical Leads of the Australian Breast Implant Device Registry and has been one of the experts appointed to the Technical Advisory Group of the recent Independent Review into cosmetic surgeries for the Medical Board of Australia and AHPRA. Further, regarding cosmetic surgeries, Mr Tansley has contributed publications into the scientific medical literature and made regular appearances in Australian media in the newspapers, radio and television.

Dr SeneviratneBook A Consultation

Dr Sugitha Seneviratne FRACS (Plast)

Dr Seneviratne is an experienced specialist plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgeon with over 20 years’ experience in managing complex reconstructive and cosmetic surgery conditions including reconstructive microsurgery.

She is a consultant plastic surgeon at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, former Head of Plastic, Maxillo-facial and Hand Surgery unit at The Northern Hospital and is a trainer of plastic surgery trainees. She holds the academic position of Honorary Clinical Fellow in the Department of Surgery, University of Melbourne and has held the position of Non-executive Director of Clinical Governance, Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Upon this background, Dr Seneviratne has undertaken thousands of plastic surgery operations and performed numerous corrections for ‘botched’ facial, breast, abdominal and labioplasty surgery to create aesthetic outcomes for patients.

Mr Tansley and Dr Seneviratne perform this work for patients through both their NorthEast Plastic Surgery Melbourne and Brisbane practices.

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Botched cosmetic procedures and correction cases

Here are some real life stories, before and after images can be viewed at consultation.

Click to surgical examples for:

  • Botched Face lift Surgery

    Correcting recurrent infections and poor results after facelift surgery. The patient experienced repeated infections which was addressed and her contour deformities were corrected. The result was an aesthetic outcome.

  • Botched Facelift Surgery

    Fixing poor scarring after botched face lift surgery was corrected by creating hidden scars and also optimised the aesthetic outcome.

  • Botched Rhinoplasty Surgery

    Poor tip after rhinoplasty was fixed by revision open tip rhinoplasty surgery

  • Botched Rhinoplasty Surgery

    Inverted V deformity correction after rhinoplasty by was corrected by revision open rhinoplasty surgery

  • Botched Upper blepharoplasty Surgery

    • Correction of lateral eyelid descent after blepharoplasty to result in improved aesthetic
    • Fat herniation after upper blepharoplasty surgery removed to result in aesthetic and youthful upper eyelid
  • Botched Otoplasty Surgery

    Failure to correct prominent ears was addressed to the patient’s satisfaction.

  • Botched Bilateral Breast Augmentation (BBA) Surgery

    Breast implant malposition after augmentation mastopexy surgery resulting in breast implants in the patient’s “arm-pits” was corrected creating a more aesthetic outcome.

  • Botched BBA Surgery

    Synmastia (“uni-boob”) caused by breast implant surgery compounded the distress of a patient who underwent primary breast augmentation by a different surgeon resulting in a poor aesthetic outcome. Correction involved synmastia reconstructive surgery, breast implants removal and subsequent autologous breast fat graft surgery to create an aesthetic result. The patient is very happy with the result.

  • Botched BBA Surgery

    Breast implant malposition after augmentation surgery resulted in asymmetry as one implant became displaced below the infra mammary crease. Correction with implant removal, infra mammary crease reconstruction and new implant insertion addressed the deformity and resulted in a satisfied patient.

  • Botched BBA Surgery

    Breast implant contracture after augmentation surgery resulted in a poor aesthetic result. The breast deformity was corrected by implant removal, capsulectomy and replacement with new implants. The outcome was to the patient’s satisfaction.

  • Botched Bilateral Breast Reduction (BBR) Surgery

    Asymmetry and bottoming out after breast reduction surgery was corrected with revisional surgery and restored aesthetic breast shape.

  • Botched Bilateral Breast Reduction (BBR) Surgery

    Poor nipple areolar complex positioning and shape after breast reduction was addressed by revisional breast surgery.

  • Botched Mastopexy Surgery

    Asymmetry and poor aesthetic after breast lift surgery was corrected with implant removal and replacement. The aesthetic outcome was to the patient’s satisfaction.

  • Botched Breast Fat Grafting Surgery

    Heavy and uneven breasts after fat grafting was addressed with mastopexy surgery and revisional fat grafting.

  • Botched Gynaecomastia Surgery


  • Botched Abdominoplasty Surgery

    Poor scarring, asymmetry and deformity after abdominoplasty surgery was corrected with revision abdominoplasty surgery and flank liposuction resulting a more aesthetic outcome.

  • Botched Liposuction Surgery

    Poor outcome from abdominal liposuction manifest as deformity, excess skin and contour irregularities was corrected with revisional surgery to create an aesthetic outcome.

  • Botched Liposuction Surgery

    Unacceptable outcome from liposuction surgery of the thighs resulting in contour irregularities visible through thin clothing was corrected to create an aesthetic outcome.

  • Botched Arm Lift Surgery

    Poor outcome from arm reduction (brachioplasty) surgery resulting in a shape deformity, excessive skin tightening, forearm lymphoedema and contour irregularities was corrected to improve the functional issues and aesthetic outcome.

  • Botched Thigh Lift Surgery

    Poor outcome from thigh reduction surgery resulted in deformity, asymmetry and dogears. These issues were addressed to create an aesthetic outcome.

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The next step is to book a confidential consultation with a CSESO specialist surgeon to discuss your previous potentially botched procedures and discuss possible corrective outcomes. You can do this by filling in the form on this page, or by calling our Melbourne practice on (03) 9088 5000 or Brisbane practice on (07) 3180 3400 to ask any questions or enquire about other cosmetic procedures.

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