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Benefits Of The Modern Facelift Explained

Modern techniques and latest technology now make facelift surgery much more appealing for patients wanting a younger, more youthful appearance without the “unnatural look” which can result from former techniques.

Facelift surgery addresses excess temporal, mid/lower facial and to some degree neck skin, by repositioning soft tissues of the face which will also smooth out lines. In addition, repositioning soft tissues which have sagged resulting in “squaring” of the face, loss of cheek prominence and the appearance of “jowls” provides definition of facial features. The overall aim is to restore harmonious facial proportions and a youthful appearance.

In this article we explain the benefits of facelift surgery and the importance of a consultation with your surgeon.


What Can Facelift Surgery Achieve?

Facelift surgery results in rejuvenation of the face by removal of excess skin and repositioning of the muscle-connective tissue complex under the skin together with the underlying fat. Patients typically request facelift surgery to address:

  • Lateral eyebrow droop which results in a skin fold masking the corner of the eye
  • Loss of the aesthetic contour of the cheek bones
  • Deep nasolabial creases between the nose and corner of the mouth
  • Marionette lines at the corners of the mouth
  • Jowls which can contribute to a “square appearance” of the jawline

Facelift surgery aims to increase definition of the corners of the eyes, upsweep of the lateral eyebrows, define and increase prominence of the cheek, soften the nasolabial creases and marionette lines and increase definition of the jawline. It is often undertaken in combination with neck lift surgery to optimise the aesthetic outcome. 


Importance Of A Consultation

The aim of the surgical consultation is to ascertain patient expectations and to identify potential limitations to achieving those expectations such as skin quality and the extent of skin excess, the patient’s facial skeletal structure including proportions of the upper, middle and lower thirds of the face in addition to facial projection and condition of the patient’s neck. Your Surgeon will discuss with you surgical management options for each of these elements. Issues for consideration may include:

  1. Management of the upper face

Rejuvenation of the changes of upper facial aging include addressing forehead creases, frown lines and crows-feet with specific treatments. These techniques can be considered in isolation or in combination with surgical rejuvenation of the temporal and lateral eyebrow complex.

  1. Management of the mid face

Rejuvenation of the changes of mid-facial aging involves the removal of excess skin, repositioning of underlying soft tissue structures and the use of skeletal augmentation together with lipofill techniques alone or in combination.

  1. Management of the lower face and neck

Rejuvenation of the changes of aging affecting the lower face and neck involves addressing jowls, marionette lines, excess neck skin, platysmal (vertical) bands and fatty tissue under the chin. While addressing the changes of aging affecting the neck can be challenging, assessment and management of the neck are integral to rejuvenation of the lower face.

You will be advised regarding the impact each of these elements will have on your desired aesthetic outcome. Available treatment options, the degree of surgery required to achieve your aims, potential difficulties, controversies and the relative merits of various surgical techniques as applicable to you will be discussed, in addition to the extent of surgery which can be safely performed. You will also have access to pre and post-operative images to illustrate the potential aesthetic outcomes achievable.


Next Step

If you are considering facelift surgery and have questions you would like to ask or if you would like to book a confidential consultation at a cost of $140, click below or call (03) 9088 5000 for the Melbourne practice or (07) 3180 3400 for the Brisbane practice. The Cosmetic Surgery Co-ordinators of NorthEast Plastic Surgery will organise a consultation with Mr Tansley or Dr Seneviratne who are highly qualified and experienced surgeons. They will assess your individual requirements and discuss both surgical and non-surgical techniques in regard to facial rejuvenation and facelift surgery.



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