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How To Prepare For A Breast Augmentation Consultation

If you are thinking about having a breast augmentation procedure you have probably done your internet research. At some point however, you need to take the next step and speak to a surgeon either because you have questions which weren't answered by the information you have found or because you are ready to choose a surgeon in order to move forward.

The first consultation can be a bit confronting. This article looks at some of the questions you might want to ask your surgeon and aspects of the surgery which are important to consider before making your decision.

Breast Augmentation Consultation: Questions & Considerations

What Are Your Expectations?

Think about and identity your expectations from breast augmentation surgery. What breast size or shape will you be happy with? You should have the opportunity to “try on” implants of different sizes and profiles so that you can trial various implant to get an idea of the final result. You can also ask to see the results from patients previously operated on by your surgeon. In Australia, doctors aren't allowed to use before and after photos in their advertising, but they can provide them to you in a consultation.

Possible Risks & Complications

What are your concerns about the procedure? Are you worried about complications or side-effects of the surgery or how much scarring might be expected? Your surgeon will provide you with this information as part of the consultation but if you have particular concerns your surgeon can address these during your consultation.

Qualifications & Experience

You should look for doctors who are plastic surgical Fellows of one of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons, including the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and Royal College of Surgeons of England. Such Fellows have completed post graduate training in plastic surgery and work under strict professional and ethical guidelines. However, training in plastic surgery does not necessarily mean training in cosmetic surgery, so always specifically ask your surgeon if they have undertaken dedicated training in cosmetic surgery.

In Australia, the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery is the only College that offers formal training and accreditation in cosmetic medicine and surgery. If the Surgeon you consult doesn’t have their qualifications on display, ask to see them.

Choosing a Surgeon with these professional qualifications makes it more likely that you will get a result you are happy with and will potentially reduce the risk of complications.

What Will It Cost?

Medical practitioners are restricted by Australian legislation from advertising costs of medical procedures on their website. In addition, because everyone has different surgical requirements, it is important that your surgeon assesses you before providing you with a quotation specific to your needs. Keep in mind that the fees of more experienced and qualified surgeons is likely to reflect their level of expertise.

What Are The Options of Surgery and Type Of Implant?

An important part of the consultation is the decision regarding which implant is likely to achieve the look you desire. Issues to consider include:

  • The size, shape and profile which will determine the overall size and shape of the breast, the degree of breast projection and what sort of cleavage you will have.
  • Whether you choose saline or silicone filling may determine how the breast feels with the implant in place.
  • The decision regarding the ideal position (under the muscle, on top of the muscle or “muscle split”) will be influenced by the type of implant you’ve chosen as well as the amount of breast tissue you have and will ultimately determine the degree of upper pole fullness and appearance of your cleavage.
  • Where the surgeon makes the cut in the skin to perform the surgery may affect how visible the scar is. If you scar easily, make sure you tell the surgeon this information.

Next Step

If you have been thinking about changing the shape or size of your breasts, the next step is to book a consultation with Mr Tansley or Dr Seneviratne who have extensive experience in breast augmentation surgery. They will talk you through the procedure, answer any questions you have and discuss your expectations.

If you would like to book a confidential consultation at a cost of $140, click below or call (03) 9088 5000 for the Melbourne practice or (07) 3180 3400 for the Brisbane practice. The Cosmetic Surgery Co-ordinators of NorthEast Plastic Surgery will organise a consultation with Mr Tansley or Dr Seneviratne who are highly qualified and experienced surgeons. They will assess your individual requirements and discuss your preferences in regard to breast augmentation surgery.


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