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Facelift/Necklift Surgery

How To Achieve a Beautiful Neck

Do you suffer from lax neck skin or have noticeable bands on your neck? Have you considered various treatment options to optimise the appearance of your neck? Neck lift surgery may be an option as the aims of neck lift surgery are rejuvenation of the neck by removal of excess lax skin, removal of the […]

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Considering A Facelift Over More Fillers & Injectables?

Have you reached a point in your life where it’s time to invest in facelift surgery? Anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers are an ideal treatment option for a more youthful appearance for many years, however as our faces continue to age, there does come a time when facelift surgery may be a good option. Modern […]

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Benefits Of The Modern Facelift Explained

Modern techniques and latest technology now make facelift surgery much more appealing for patients wanting a younger, more youthful appearance without the “unnatural look” which can result from former techniques. Facelift surgery addresses excess temporal, mid/lower facial and to some degree neck skin, by repositioning soft tissues of the face which will also smooth out […]

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Why Consider Necklift Surgery?

Do you find yourself focusing on your neck when looking at a picture of yourself?  Do you find yourself getting creative with scarves to try and hide your neck?  If you are self-conscious about your neck, there is a solution. At NorthEast Plastic Surgery, we have signicant experience in performing necklifts that result in the rejuvenation […]

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