Why Consider Septoplasty Surgery?

The nasal septum is the internal 'wall' which divides the two halves of your nasal cavity. It is mostly made up of cartilage, with the back of the septum made of bone. Normally the septum is straight, running down the middle of the nose. If the septum is crooked, your nose can be stuffy and feel like it is difficult to breathe through. Septoplasty surgery can potentially help you to breathe and sleep better.

In this article, we explain septoplasty surgery, what the procedure involves and identify ideal candidates for the surgery.

Septoplasty Surgery And The Benefits Explained

Septoplasty is nose surgery to correct the alignment of the septum. The septum forms the internal 'wall' of the nose, separating the nostrils. You may have heard the term 'deviated septum', which means that the septum aligns to the left or right of centre so that the nasal cavities aren't equal in size. In severe cases, a deviated septum makes breathing through the nose difficult, causing problems with snoring and disrupted sleep.

Septoplasty and rhinoplasty are often performed in the same procedure.  While the rhinoplasty surgery can either be performed internally (through the nostrils such that there is no visible external scar) or may require a small incision under the tip of the nose, septoplasty surgery however can be performed internally.


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