How To Prepare For a Nasal Surgery Consultation

Do you suffer from chronic nasal congestion, headaches and discomfort, snoring or difficulty breathing through your nose while exercising? These symptoms can impact your quality of life due to lethargy caused by lack of restful sleep, limitation of your level of exercise or activity. &nbsp;Alternatively, you may not suffer these symptoms, but you may be unhappy and self-conscious about the size and shape of your nose.</p> <p>If you are considering <a href="">nasal surgery (rhinoplasty or septoplasty surgery)</a> then the best person to speak to is a qualified surgeon with experience performing nasal surgery. In this article we discuss how to prepare for a consultation with your surgeon to help you gain the understanding and information you are looking for.</p> <p>
<!--more--></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <h2>Preparing For A Consultation</h2> <p>Before you talk with a surgeon, have some questions prepared. Write them down to take with you so you don't forget what you wanted to ask, and take notes during the consultation in case you need to check details later. It might even be helpful to bring a friend or relative with you.</p> <p>Think about what your expectations from the surgery are. In Australia, doctors aren't allowed to use 'before and after' photos in their advertising, but they can provide them to you in a consultation. This can help you better understand the likely results. Some surgeons offer sophisticated computer imaging to show you how your nose will look after rhinoplasty. The issue with using such imaging is that an image which cannot be surgically achieved can be produced thereby giving the patient an unrealistic expectation. For this reason, the surgeons of NorthEast Plastic Surgery will focus on your own particular facial proportions and nasal anatomy together with your expectations in the context of what is surgically achievable which will provide you with more realistic expectations.</p> <p>What are your concerns about the procedure? Are you worried about complications or side-effects of the surgery? Your surgeon should provide you with this information as part of the consultation but if you have particular concerns make sure you discuss them with your surgeon as they can give you the answers you need.&nbsp;</p> <p>You should also consider asking questions about the surgeon's qualifications and experience, how often they perform rhinoplasty or septoplasty surgery, where the surgery will be performed and what the costs will include and if there will be any additional costs.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <h2>Understanding Expected Outcomes, Risks and Potential Complications&nbsp;</h2> <p>An important part of the consultation is for you to understand the expected outcome from the surgery but also to understand the risks, potential complications and limitations of the surgery. It is important that you do understand the risks and what they mean, so don't be afraid to ask questions.</p> <p>Complications from rhinoplasty may include difficulty breathing, nosebleeds, sinus infection, scarring or delays in healing, skin discoloration, poor circulation resulting in loss of skin and mucosal tissue, numbness, tingling or stiffness around the upper lip and nose, and septal perforation. It is important to bear in mind that the final appearance of the nose may not be appreciated for four to six months after surgery.</p> <p>The best way to reduce your risk is to choose a qualified surgeon with the training and experience to perform your procedure. The Surgeons of NorthEast Plastic Surgery have undergone rigorous surgical training and their expertise is the result of extensive experience in cosmetic plastic surgery.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <h2>Next Step</h2> <p>If you are <a href="">considering&nbsp;rhinoplasty or septoplasty surgery</a> and have questions you would like to ask or if you would like to book a confidential consultation at a cost of $140, click below or call (03) 9088 5000 for the Melbourne practice or (07) 3180 3400 for the Brisbane practice.&nbsp;The Cosmetic Surgery Co-ordinators of NorthEast Plastic Surgery will organise a consultation with Mr Tansley or Dr Seneviratne who are highly qualified and experienced surgeons. They will assess your individual requirements and discuss your expectations in regard to the surgery.</p>

Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty Frequently Asked Questions

If you are considering nasal surgery, you will no doubt be researching the procedure and appropriate surgeons to perform the operation. Whether you are considering nasal surgery for cosmetic or medical reasons there is a lot to take in and understand including how to choose the right surgeon, what nasal surgery can address, potential risks and complications, outcomes and recovery.

In this article, we discuss our most frequently asked questions regarding rhinoplasty and septoplasty revisional surgery.


Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty Costs in Australia

If you have been looking into rhinoplasty you might have noticed that many surgeons won’t give out cost information over the phone, or provide information on costs on their website. There are a couple of reasons why this is the case. If you have had previous septoplasty surgery CSESO offers a revisional consultation.


How To Choose A Surgeon For Rhinoplasty Or Septoplasty Surgery

Whether you are considering nasal surgery for cosmetic reasons or to address breathing difficulties, choosing the right surgeon for your procedure is the most important decision you need to make. You have to choose between plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons and ENT surgeons – it can be a difficult choice.

Ideally, you should choose a surgeon who you feel comfortable with and has lots of experience in performing nasal surgery. It is important to have consultations, ask lots of questions and see what results they have been able to achieve with their patients. The results should look natural for each individual.


Am I A Candidate For Rhinoplasty Or Septoplasty?

The decision to undergo rhinoplasty and septoplasty surgery is deeply personal regardless of whether it is considered for reconstructive or cosmetic reasons. Although serious complications are uncommon, rhinoplasty and septoplasty surgery are complex procedures and the best person with whom to discuss your requirements and expectations is an experienced and qualified surgeon.

In this article we discuss what nasal surgery can achieve and conditions which can be addressed with rhinoplasty and septoplasty surgery.


Nasal Surgery - Potential Risks and Complications

All surgery carries some degree of risk. The best way to reduce your risk is to choose a qualified surgeon with the skills and experience to perform your procedure. Serious complications from Rhinoplasty are rare, but rhinoplasty surgery is a complex procedure. In fact about 15% of rhinoplasty surgery is performed as revisional surgery to correct problems from previous surgery.

Your surgeon should provide you with information about all potential complications of your surgery before asking you to sign a consent form. You should only sign the consent form after you been told about the risks, have understood them and have had the opportunity to ask questions. This article explains the most common risks and complications associated with rhinoplasty surgery.


Why Consider Rhinoplasty Surgery?

People have nasal surgery for a variety of reasons. It may be to undertaken to address a structural problem where you have difficulty breathing or suffer from snoring which can affect the quality of your sleep and that of your partner. It may also be undertaken to address damage caused by an accident which has altered the way your nose looks and works.

Most people have nasal surgery for aesthetic reasons. A nose which is out of balance or not in proportion with the other facial features can become the most noticeable thing about your face. Even a small change to the shape and size of the nose can have a dramatic effect on a person's appearance. Patients report improvements in their self-confidence and self-esteem after nasal surgery.


Typical Results & Expectations From Rhinoplasty

Good candidates for rhinoplasty or nose surgery are people who are generally healthy but are self-conscious or unhappy with the appearance of their nose and may also be experiencing nasal airway blockage, both of which may be a result of nasal trauma. Plastic surgery can restore balance and proportion to the face and can improve breathing and sleeping problems.

At NorthEast Plastic Surgery, we specialise in nose surgery, helping patients achieve the natural looking results they want.


What Is Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Nose surgery, also known as rhinoplasty, nose reshaping or a 'nose job', aims to improve the size, shape and symmetry of a person's nose so it is in balance with their other facial features. Most people consider nose surgery a purely cosmetic procedure, but nose surgery is also done for medical reasons to correct breathing difficulties and excessive snoring. All enquiries are treated in strict confidence including enquiries regarding botched facelift surgery second opinion consultations.

A nose that is out of proportion with the rest of the face can dominate a person's appearance, making them self conscious. Rhinoplasty can correct birth defects, a broken nose that has never healed properly or damage from an accident. Cosmetic rhinoplasty can transform the way a person feels about themselves.


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