Am I A Candidate For Otoplasty (Bat Ear) Surgery?

The decision to alter your appearance through surgery is a significant one and must be carefully considered. Prominent ears and the unkind remarks that people can make about them can be the cause of self-consciousness and distress.

In this article, we discuss the surgical procedure which addresses prominent ears, referred to as Otoplasty surgery, more commonly known as bat ear surgery and what you should know if you are considering surgery to improve the appearance of your ears.


Otoplasty Surgery (Bat Ear Surgery) Explained

Whether you were born with large, small, bat-like, wing-like or misshapen ears, there’s not a whole lot you can do to hide them if you are self-conscious about them. A hat may help to hide prominent ears in some situations, however it’s not always appropriate to wear a hat!

In this article, we talk about a surgical procedure to address prominent ears, referred to as Otoplasty, or more commonly known as bat ear surgery.