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Capsular contracture-the commonest complication of breast implants

The photograph below shows a precise surgical dissection to remove implants badly affected by the most severe degree of capsular contracture, the commonest complication of breast implants. The surgical technique is sometimes referred to colloquially as an ‘en-bloc’ resection.
The photograph on the right shows the relatively undamaged underlying textured silicone implants once the severely contracted capsule has been removed.
If you opt for smooth or textured silicone implants you have an approximately 20% (1 in 5) chance of this complication happening to you, requiring further surgery. In contrast, polyurethane foam covered silicone implants have a vastly reduced risk of this complication – approximately 2% (1 in 50 – it is all about the science) – but demand far greater technical surgical expertise during augmentation surgery.
Insist your plastic/cosmetic surgeon is properly trained, experienced and can justify why they use the type of breast implants they offer. Be prepared simply to walk away.
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